Building Garage Power (aka: GP) is achieved using several different methods.

For our fans or for anyone who may be new to the incredible game of HCR2 - I’m going to explain some of the basics.

Garage Power (GP) shows the combined power level of your vehicles & their tuning parts. So the higher the vehicles GP - the more durability, performance, & speed a vehicle is capable of producing. Currently HCR2 has a total of 23 vehicles that you can get/own/buy. If you own all 23 vehicles - which is imperative if you choose to join an active racing team, like the Rally Rebels (RR), the maximum combined GP you can currently accrue is 9,553.

GP goes up every time you buy a new vehicle or upgrade the vehicles you already own. You gain GP by acquiring tuning parts & upgrading them.

Each vehicles GP is also shown separately. It represents the power value of that vehicle & its tuning parts.

Building GP, especially to reach the coveted 9,553 maximum - takes a lot of time, energy, skills, & sometimes money. Depending on how anxious or competitive a player might be - will depend upon if or when he/she chooses to spend money on the game.

In the game of HCR2, there are several different chests that you can win, earn, or buy - to help build your GP. Chests are unlockable items that contain random prizes of varying quality based on the rarity of the chest. These can contain everything from coins & gems, to tuning parts & player/vehicle skins.

Chests are awarded to players for almost every activity in HCR2. Winning cup races, completing adventure tracks/tasks, winning events - all of these will get you chests as prizes. You will even get a free chest 3 times a day! You can also watch a video every 6 hours to get a free chest.

You can also purchase chests in the store for a fixed gem or coin cost, but there is no guarantee you will get the items you want - in that chest.

There is also a VIP chest - available once every 24 hours to VIP players. The VIP chest contains a selection of random items, but is also guaranteed to contain 60 gems each time it is opened.

I’m not here to promote this game, it’s owners, the video game designers, & I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I will say from my own experience & my personal opinion - for $9.99 the monthly VIP subscription is a great deal! Just eliminating the time consuming ads - especially if you’re an active player - makes the VIP subscription, a “must have” type of option…not to mention the tuning parts, coins, & 60 gems that come with it each 24hrs. A VIP subscription also gets you VIP only paints & wheels for every vehicle in the game - VIP player skins - double points in public events & includes the Premium-Pass!!

Another way to build your GP is by scrapping parts. You should ONLY make scrap out of extra/excess parts you don’t need. Scrapping a part takes time - depending on the rarity of the part. There is also a maximum amount of parts you can scrap at one time. Scrap can then be used to upgrade any of the tuning parts you already have. Along with scrapping parts - you can also, if you choose, to purchase bundles of gems & coins from the store - to expedite your GP build. I have personally purchased numerous chests to build my GP!!

Thank you for reading Trumps Tips - the goal of this article is to help “Make Anyone Great Again” at playing the addictive game of HCR2!!🇺🇸🤙🏻🇺🇸