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This is the article where the KMS Master of the week is recognized! Congrats to all and for your effort! This is week ending


Trump dominates KMS once gain with 1301! Hot damn this man is a BEAST! Honorable mention to u8myDust who was also over 1000kms for the week! I seriously don't know how these guys do it but its much appreciated!


Trump decided not to take any prisoners this week! That sum'a bitch had 1,376 kms. This gentleman ceases to amaze me with his committment to this incredible team! Thank you brotha Trump!

Honorable mention: geezus HellYeaBro had 1230 kms! wow HYB thats exceptionally done my friend. So glad you're a part of the Rebels family


The King is back! Trump dethroned Dust whom won the kms hero for 7 straight weeks! Well done Dust! Trump with his first win since I started this article used to do a ton more than everyone else. Does this signify a return to dominance for Trump? Only time will tell! 
664 kms


In what used to be Trumps domain is now u8MyDust 
808 kms


Maybe I shouldn't even put the name down since he wins every week!
831 kms


I'll give you one guess who won kms.
U8myDust 781
seriously Trump can't even best you. You will never be stopped!


U8myDust 703
Four in a row, well done.
Can anyone dethrone the King?
New name U8myKMDust!


Seriously The hat trick for 
U8myDust- 732 nicely done sir!


U8myDust- 1004... dude has two wins in a row with absolutely incredible kms!


U8myDust- 923 Nice!


Glimmerman two in a row! 797


Glimmerman - 713

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