0 How High can you go? KMS Hero Pimp Master BadAss King This is the article where the KMS Master of the week is recognized! Congrats to all and for your effort! This is week ending!  does anyone look at these? just curious. shoot me a message on telegram if you want me to continue doing it 6/4/23 Anytime anyone gets over 1000 I'm amazed. I can't even imagine running that much! Kudos to both guys winning this week. Dust: 1194Clubberlang: 1115 5/28/23 U8myDust is a KM Monster! Wins again with 1068! well done sir 5/21/23 Who Betta than Dust? Nobody! 940 wins it this week! 5/14/23 baddass brother Dust dominates with 1176!  5/7/23 Dust wins again with 1173 besting last week. We are blessed to have this firefighter on our squad!  4/30/23 Dust dominates the week with 1124! Well done to my favorite team firefighter! 4/23/23 1119 Rollo and 1024 u8mydust both absolutely killing it this week in kms. nice work gentleman! 4/16/23 Are You Kidding Me????? Seriously? Cheeky with a feat never performed on the Rally Rebels team! He maxed out KMS at 2500!!!!!!???? And still did more that didn't count. Absolutely incredible and obviously the KMS Hero of the week!!!! 4/9/23 Grampow wins it this week with 1325! He must have been drinking coffee again staying up late after the wife went to bed to get that many kms! Dust and Rollo also over 1000 for the honorable mention! well done guys!!!!! 4/2/23 Holy shit four guys with over 1000 this week and a chest of 35! Yeah this merger is working out! Hell of a job gentleman! 3/26/23 Dust has gone ham agian with over 1000 kms!!!! As usual great news meaning there werent many issues in his town! Heck of a job sir with 1206!!! 3/19/23 Dust 893 3/12/23 Dust is back at the top with 894! What can you say but he's a great team player! 3/5/23 Dethroned! We have a new sheriff in town and his name is Groot! Rollo actually and he absolutely murdered everyone with 1300 kms this week! Well done my friend! Thanks for your hard work! Also an honorable mention to Cluberlang with 974 kms! 2/26/23 I'll give ya one guess who won this week? Yep you guessed it, King Dust with 1201 kms. Just amazing bro not sure how you can do that! We all thank you again for your hard work! Honorable mention goes to Groot! had over 1000 kms this week! well done sir! 2/19/23 Dust apparently can't be stopped! Dude wins another now 5 in a row with a massive 1,211 kms!!!! Thats a damn good thing because it means there wasn't a bunch of work for him at the firehouse! Which also means not many fires or people in need of his help! 2/12/23 Can U8MyDust be stopped? Hes on a roll with 5 KMS wins! What a legend! 1500 KMS in a week is no small feat! Thank you brother dust! 2/5/23 4 in a row for the dominate Dust! damn bro 1,119 kms. thank you for your committment to the team my friend! 1/29/23 Dust with a hat trick! The new King of KMS?? 951 well done sir 1/22/23 Dust with a two bagger! 828 kms this week thank you sir! 1/15/23 Dust kills it with 1081 KMS!! Dude is a monster! 1/08/23 Cluberlang was a man on a mission! Dude went over 1000kms!!!!!! Finished with a whopping 1020 kms! Thank you for your effort and congratulations on being KMS hero!!! 1/01/23 Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had a banging evening! With his first KMS win on the team Squirrel comes through with 942! Well done sir! 12/25/22 The lowest GP on the team comes through with a Christmas present to the team! Panic dominates with 729 KMS!! Merry Christmas to all! 12/18/22 RR-Dave with I believe his first of many kms wins with 924. Heck of a Job Dave! We all appreciate your hard work! 12/11/22 The star of the show this week was The Girl who crushed with 1184 kms! We wish her well and best wishes. Hopefully she comes back when shes healthy! 12/4/22 Theres a new sheriff in town and his name is U8MyDust with an eye popping 808 KMS! He ran the KMS for almost two months earlier in the year and is back! Well done sir! 11/27/22 The King retains with 808 KMS! Lots of new players have arrived could the crown change hands soon? We will find out! 11/20/22 Megadeth wrote the song "King of Kings" for this guy! Dominates KMS with 853. Trump is back! 11/13/22 U8MyDust is the new sheriff in town with 697 KMS! Well done!  11/6/22 Every King must step down and this week the great Trump needed some R+R to recover so we have a new champ! His name is Dave and he killed this week with 998 KMS. Well done sir can you make it two weeks in a row?  10/30/22 Gomer says surprise surprise surprise!!! The Legend wins again with 804 KMS. At this point I'm not even gonna say his name. Its now player formerly known as Trump!!! 10/23/22 There comes a time when a King must share his throne. This is that time! Trump and Beatya share this weeks win with 1086 kms. Well done gentleman! 10/16/22 Trump wins with an amount that most of us can't reach weekly! The man the myth the legend wins with an unprecedented 684. Dust gets an honorable mention cause he got 674! 10/9/22 Trump dominates with 951. Dude is literally unstoppable! What a great teammate! 10/2/22 Surprise Surprise its Trump with a grand total of 924! As always the glue that sticks this team together wins again! 9/25/22 On a down week for the team Ole reliable still kicked everyones ass with a tremendous total of 887 KMS. Double digit wins now at 10 weeks. Hell of an accomplishment for the heart and soul of the Rally Rebels, Mr Trump! 9/18/22 Trump continues domination with 1109 kms. 9 weeks in a row! Shoutout to GenX with 1028 kms and Dust with 881! 9/11/22 A truly amazing run for Mr Trump showing a tribute to our fallen innocents and civilians with 911 KMS on this tragic day 21 years ago. Well done sir 9/4/22 The unstoppable, unbelievable Maga Muthaf'er Trump wins again with an amazing 1102 KMS! Thanks for always helping the team my brotha! Dust and Genx crushed with 892 and 888 respectively! well done to all and getting a 29 chest! I mean a 36c is perfect but 29 will have to do! 8/28/22 1100 KMS for the win again. This dude is invaluable to the team! 6 weeks in a row! Thanks for the hard work brotha Trump! One shy of Dusts 7 week record! 8/21/22 957 KMS for the win! Trump rules the KMS again! he is now Legend! 8/14/22 Can the king be stopped? Can anyone overtake Trump? His 4th win in a row with 980! Nice work My Brotha! 8/7/22 Trump dominates KMS once gain with 1301! Hot damn this man is a BEAST! Honorable mention to u8myDust who was also over 1000kms for the week! I seriously don't know how these guys do it but its much appreciated! 7/31/22 Trump decided not to take any prisoners this week! That sum'a bitch had 1,376 kms. This gentleman ceases to amaze me with his committment to this incredible team! Thank you brotha Trump! Honorable mention: geezus HellYeaBro had 1230 kms! wow HYB thats exceptionally done my friend. So glad you're a part of the Rebels family 7/24/22 The King is back! Trump dethroned Dust whom won the kms hero for 7 straight weeks! Well done Dust! Trump with his first win since I started this article used to do a ton more than everyone else. Does this signify a return to dominance for Trump? Only time will tell! 664 kms 7/17/22 In what used to be Trumps domain is now u8MyDust 808 kms 7 weeks in a row!!! Nice work my brother! 7/10/22 Maybe I shouldn't even put the name down since he wins every week!831 kms 7/3/22 I'll give you one guess who won kms.U8myDust 781seriously Trump can't even best you. You will never be stopped! 6/26/22 U8myDust 703Four in a row, well done.Can anyone dethrone the King?New name U8myKMDust! 6/19/22 Seriously The hat trick for U8myDust- 732 nicely done sir! 6/12/22 U8myDust- 1004... dude has two wins in a row with absolutely incredible kms! 6/5/22 U8myDust- 923 Nice! 5/29/22 Glimmerman two in a row! 797 5/22/22 Glimmerman - 713