Who's going to be theBaddestBestplayer of the week?

  Players of the week will all be in this article with the most recent at the top. There will be only one player per week from here on out! Thanks for all of your hard work on this great Rally Rebels Team!


Every week until further notice, Colt Mark One HYB and the rest of our team is the Team of the week. We rock!!!! Rally Rebels bitches!!! 


Colt had an amazing run of over 37k on the last te. Dust has crushed it the whole week and HYB had most KMS and is second in current TE (or was) so the trifecta takes it this week! congrats guys!


EDIT : Fuck Blizshit he is not a player of the week. Punk ass bitch! A couple new additions may have put us over the top to be competitive in D1! This weeks co-player of the week are  Bliznec and Not Today. Both excellent additions to our mighty Rally Rebels team!


For the first time ever we haved a triple threat! Colt,Mark One, and U8mydust! all three were in the top 3 in TE and Dust took a second consecutive KMS crown. Well done gentlemen!


Dual Players of the week! Mark One with incredible scores on the TE and over 600 kms! U8mydust wins kms with 923 and scored on the top 3 of TE twice this week! Well done to both of you!


Glimmerman has scored two KMS hereos in a row! well done sir and thank you for your effort!


Thomato is player of the week! Well done on the ICC and sharing in the telegram chat! Pretty good scores in a crappy TE as well!

Honorable Mention- Mark One has been seriously off the charts in the TE scoring three straight wins in that horrible TE that we pretty much all sucked in! 


POW is U8myDust. Dude is always a tough player, always gets high scores and had over 600 kms this week. A long overdue Player of the Week for our resident fire fighter!


POW is GenX! Almost 1000 KMS for the week. a mighty feat indeed! congrats brother Genx!


This weeks player is RR-Dave! He absolutely killed the KMS with near 1000 and got some pretty good scores in the TE too! Congrats brother Dave and welcome to the club!


A very special player of the week is happening. This "star" always shines for our team week in and week out. She does our stats for us and this week she was top dog in the KMS dept. with over 800! Congrats to our lovely DSTAR for her player or the week! 


Mark One gets a win this week. Solid as they come and a great team mate! Always at the top with King Colt!


Who betta than Colt? Nobody! Another player of the week for King Colt with 4 top scores in a row!


Novit did an incredible 9270 kms in our ICC Dune Buggy in city. Just amazing! Congrats on Player of the week!


Congrats to HellYeahBro on his POTW. He won the ICC this week and he has been a great addition to the team providing  excellent kms


Anytime our team comes together and gets Chest 30 I feel like we should all get Player of the week. 10 players with 500 kms and above. Just amazing! Congrats team and a special shoutout to GenX and Clubber for doing exceptional in the KMS!


Colt with the win! Only player to get over 30k in this TE and he got 34k!!! 


Fozzie with 3 TE thrones and two ICC wins in a row plus kills it in kms. Enjoy POTW status my friend!


Easy pick here! Dude is on a four event win streak! Congrats to Colt for another POTW! 


I think it goes without saying we are all ecstatic to call our newest teammate player of the week. Fozzie Bear has crushed KMS and placed first in one event. However this week I'm going with a co player of the week. Great Angel has crushed the team event this past week with one win also! Shoutout to Colt357 for another stellar week too!


Player of the Week is an easy one. This guy went over and above with 1500 kms this week! Congrats to Nike on his accomplishments this week!


POTW was a tough call but I have to give it to Mark One! Crushed the team events this week and of course chipped in with the kms nicely. Congrats brother Mark! 


again an easy pick for Player of the week. Colt has been killing the team events! # straight wins as the top dog! Congrats Colt you are a hell of a racer!

1/2 2022

Happy frickin new year team! Again, you guys made it an easy decision for Player of the Week! Today, Sunday we all came together to go from a chest 28 to chest 30! To all who shared in this incredible accomplishment you are all Players of the Week!!!!


You guys made it easy on me for the first week back at this! I have to do a co-player of the week because two team members went over and above this week! Trump and Used Driver absolutely obliterated the KMS goal. Trump was over 1700 kms! Used Driver was over 1600!!!!! kudos to you gentleman well deserved CO-Player of the week!

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