Player(s) of the Week


Player of the week is back starting in 2023. The rules are below! Good luck to everyone!

Does anyone actually read these? message me on telegram if you want me to continue doing these


Leeder - 7 podiums in a row






Gotta give a shoutout to someone who made the podium for the first time in his RR career!!!! Congrats to Glimmerman for that awesome accomplishment! Well done!




What can I Say? This merger has worked out well. A few bumps in the road but look at us! Close to going to CC level! The whole team is the player of the week! Great job to everyone! 




Gotta go with Leeder this week murdering the TE with 3 of 4 on the podium! Well done my friend!




So many fantastic players that have awesome scores every week it's hard to choose! This weeks Pow is Colt357! dude finished on the podium three times this past week. Congrats Murdoch! 




gotta go with plane. dude was tops in 3 of the last five events! well done my friend! congrats on pow




PLAYER OF THE WEEK IS.... WAIT FOR IT...... THE WHOLE DAMN TEAM!!!!! we absolutely dominated D2! If we had the extra race we probably would've come in first place! Well done to everyone!!! All of your hard work is much appreciated! 




Player(s) of the week it is! Can you believe for four consecutive TE's these guys have all been on the podium? this Trio of Leeder, Mark One and Plane have been kickin ass and takin names! Congrats guys! well done!




With this team how in the hell am i supposed to pick one player of the week? Cheeky did 2500 kms. Dust did 900 kms. Murdoch and mark one did awesome too. The two players who stand out for TE are Plane and Leeder who were on the podium 2 out of 4 TE's this week. With that said I think I'm going to rename this Player(s) of the week. This team might be too good for just one.




player of the week is a tough call. it was going to be vex but...he left..... (goopia popolski) Anyways, I'm thinking the players of the week will go to yomamas who merged with us. all of you including but not limited to dirt bear both bobs and Grampow. You ugys have been a breath of fresh air and our new team is really kicking ass! congrats!




Hi it’s D✨ and I’m honored to be doing this.



This past week a Merger was thought through and implemented by our Leader Chaoz, and YoMamas Leaders Bear and Sketer, to combine our teams and create an Elite Team of Racers. Sadly, both teams had to part with some teammates in order to scale us to 50, but they did it, and it was done respectfully., and smooth., on Behalf of the Rally Rebels Team, THANK YOU, for making us one BadAss Team of Racers!!




It was a tough call this week! Lots of people kickin' ass and takin' names! Colt, Mark One and Dream Thunder win this one all of them killing it in all areas with TE, ICC, and KMS! well done gentleman and well deserved! 




Mark one deserves a shout this week. always in the tops on Te, ICC, and great kms. well earned sir



A gentleman named Murdoch has made quite the impression this week with three top scores in the te! He always does great kms as well and a great team player. Welcome back to POW brother Colt! well done!



dream Theatre has come back with a vengeance. Once burned out and now is killing it in both the te, kms, and being active on the board. He also rallied us to our first win this month in div 1. We are glad you're back Thunder... Lil trump or dream theatre....whatever you go by lol. congrats!




Ben has been really solid for a long time. He was a winner twice this past week in the te and had solid kms. Congrats!




A long time ago in a far away land there was a couple German dudes that we absolutely loved having on our team! Three to be exact. Two came back a few weeks ago and have been killin it! F4BI has put up some good kms and has been on the podium the whole week winning two of them! Congrats on your Player of the week my friend and we all hope you both stay for the long haul!!!!!




Congratulations to Thunder (Dream Theatre) for this weeks POTW! A brilliant return to the team with over 1300 KMS and a definite impact on the team! Moral has been lifted by his return along with F4BI and NINJA! You guys rule hope you all stay with us long term!




Dude has been killing it week in and week out on the podium almost always and tries to help the team as well. oh, he also won the icc this week! Congratulations to Ben on being named Player of the week!




U8MyDust has been on the podium two of the last three and has a hat trick for KMS is our player of the week! 

Congratulations brother Dust!




This week i'm gonna go with Murdoch. He won all 4 te's last week and he placed first and two seconds this week. Dude is monster at Te and usually gives great KMS! Congrats brother Colt!



Tough call this week as several people played their hearts out! I'm going to give it to U8MyDust! Not only a firefighter but a hell of a game player in HCR2! Won KMS this week and was in the tops of the TE as well! Heck of a job bro and congratulations! Also thank you for your service to your community!



A newer member of the team wins yet again. This gentleman has been consistent on giving the team monster KMS every week and has been the top 5 of the TE almost every time. Congrats to Squirrel for his POW. Well deserved sir!



The first player of the week of 2023 deserves it through and through. He's won the last 3 ICC and has been constantly at the top of the TE since joining the rebel cause. Ben congratulations on your first POW! Well done young man!

Rules for player of the Week are simple. We combine Team Event rank with KMS and ICC and use the overall total to pick a winner. Good Luck to everyone on the team and as always thank you for your effort! 




Mark One gets a win this week. Solid as they come and a great team mate! Always at the top with King Colt!


Who betta than Colt? Nobody! Another player of the week for King Colt with 4 top scores in a row!


Novit did an incredible 9270 kms in our ICC Dune Buggy in city. Just amazing! Congrats on Player of the week!


Congrats to HellYeahBro on his POTW. He won the ICC this week and he has been a great addition to the team providing excellent kms


Anytime our team comes together and gets Chest 30 I feel like we should all get Player of the week. 10 players with 500 kms and above. Just amazing! Congrats team and a special shoutout to GenX and Clubber for doing exceptional in the KMS!


Colt with the win! Only player to get over 30k in this TE and he got 34k!!!


Fozzie with 3 TE thrones and two ICC wins in a row plus kills it in kms. Enjoy POTW status my friend!


Easy pick here! Dude is on a four event win streak! Congrats to Colt for another POTW!


I think it goes without saying we are all ecstatic to call our newest teammate player of the week. Fozzie Bear has crushed KMS and placed first in one event. However this week I'm going with a co player of the week. Great Angel has crushed the team event this past week with one win also! Shoutout to Colt357 for another stellar week too!


Player of the Week is an easy one. This guy went over and above with 1500 kms this week! Congrats to Nike on his accomplishments this week!


POTW was a tough call but I have to give it to Mark One! Crushed the team events this week and of course chipped in with the kms nicely. Congrats brother Mark!


again an easy pick for Player of the week. Colt has been killing the team events! # straight wins as the top dog! Congrats Colt you are a hell of a racer!

1/2 2022

Happy frickin new year team! Again, you guys made it an easy decision for Player of the Week! Today, Sunday we all came together to go from a chest 28 to chest 30! To all who shared in this incredible accomplishment you are all Players of the Week!!!!


You guys made it easy on me for the first week back at this! I have to do a co-player of the week because two team members went over and above this week! Trump and Used Driver absolutely obliterated the KMS goal. Trump was over 1700 kms! Used Driver was over 1600!!!!! kudos to you gentleman well deserved CO-Player of the week!

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